When they talk to us about marketing, one of the first words that comes to mind is advertising; Now, marketing is much more than advertising. In truth, advertising is the end of the marketing process and it also refers to a very specific part.

Advertising is the ads, marketing encompasses much more.

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Marketing analyzes your ideal customer and provides you information about him:

Their habits and customs, tastes, what it depends on what you eat and what not consume. Analyze something essential, what does it depend on him to repeat, what depends on whether he is willing to pay more for your product or service, how is his response to a certain commercial proposal, and a length, etc.

En pocas palabras: Hacer marketing es entender como piensa tu cliente, para darle lo que quiere.



In the first phase, your client does not know you yet, he has not used with you. The first thing you have to achieve is that it reaches your company / sector and uses it for the first time. Focus on his problem, what concerns him, and create a recruitment strategy.
A recruitment strategy is a marketing tool that will allow new customers to come to your business and consume with you. Haz algo que atraiga a un gran número de clientes potenciales, por ejemplo, un descuento importante. Or a free product or service. Remember that the objective of the recruitment strategy is not to make money, it is to get new clients. And, to manage risk, limit it. Focus and continued action.


Once your client already knows you and has consumed with you, what we want is to REPEAT. To achieve repetition you have to focus on what your client likes the most about you. Find out what your customer stands out the most about your product or service, and promote it within the customer's consumer experience. Let him know that what he values the most, he will always have with you. For example, an interior design company, follow up, send informative emails about the evolution of the contracted project, etc. It will be vital for the customer to be satisfied and accompanied, and that will make him want to repeat.


When you already have your unconditional clients, the important thing is that those clients recommend you, talk about you. And I'm not talking about a recommendation by request, it is not about your clients talking about you when someone asks them directly about your business. What it is about is getting a proactive and spontaneous recommendation, that is, that your customers talk about you, without anyone asking them. Most of the future clients that come to your company will come through the recommendation.

Ask yourself a key question:


And give him what he does not expect, surprise him. The surprise will make your client remember you and keep you in mind. Any little detail is enough!

Do not forget

Understand your client, ...

Give him what he wants, ...

And surprise him!

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